Revolutionizing Short Run Digital Packaging: With Our New Die Cutting Machine!

Posted on 5 March 2024
Revolutionizing Short Run Digital Packaging: With Our New Die Cutting Machine!

Here at Markham Litho/ Candz Print, we are thrilled to announce that we are now able to provide our clients with short-run packaging and digital die cutting services!  This exciting news comes as a result of our recent acquisition of cutting-edge equipment, specifically the IN-Cut DC 8060 Flat Bed Digital Die Cutter, for our print production facility in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Superior Speed and Accuracy

The IN-Cut DC 8060/LST Max series cutting plotter is renowned for its superior speed and accuracy. With its DSP control center and digital servo motor, this cutting plotter is capable of handling a wide range of tasks with precision. It features two tool-holders on the head, allowing compatibility with cutting knives, scoring tools, and plotting pens. This versatility enables us to work with various paper stocks, making it perfect for cutting, plotting, and creasing tasks.

The addition of the 8060 cutting plotter to our facility means that we can save time and reduce costs, compared to traditional die cutting methods,  while processing cardboards, paper, PVC, film, stickers, and more. Moreover, its maximum cutting depth of up to 1.5mm (1/16") ensures that it can accommodate different material densities. 

Our New Process

In terms of our short-run digital packaging process, we are prepared to guide you through every step.

We can assist in creating the digital dieline and design for your packages. Once the files are created and approved, they will be printed using our high-quality card stock, namely invercoat, on our Konica Minolta Accurio Digital Press to make your design truly shine. Following the printing process, the sheets will then be sent to our state-of-the-art DC 8060 for digital die cutting. Once the die cutting is complete, any necessary gluing will be done, and the packages will finally be packaged up for delivery.

Our services are not limited to the GTA; we offer delivery across Ontario and Canada as well. With the introduction of our new equipment and streamlined process, the possibilities are endless. 

Short-Run Packaging Possibilities

We can assist with a vast range of projects using this cutting-edge machine. Although the list is extensive, here are some examples of the projects we can help bring to life:

  • Sock wraps
  • Tent cards
  • Candle boxes
  • Cannabis packaging
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Die cut tags
  • Product packaging
  • Door hangers
  • and more!

To get a better idea of the calibre of work we produce, explore a couple of the impressive projects we have already completed. 

You can also witness one of our projects being completed by watching the following videos: 

At Markham Litho/ Candz Print, we are committed to delivering exceptional results with our new short run packaging services. Contact us today to discuss your project and let us bring your packaging designs to life.

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Printing Chaarmz Magazine

Posted on 7 November 2023
Printing Chaarmz Magazine

Markham Litho/ Candz Print Reliable Printing Partner

Here at Markham Litho/Candz Print, we are a reliable partner for all of your printing needs. To make your print projects effortless, we combine offset and digital printing with the newest technology and provide a range of binding and finishing solutions. We expertly handle all commercial print needs, from advertising and promotional materials to business forms, reports, flyers, stationery, banners, tradeshow displays, car wraps, and even book publishing. We are exceptionally proud of our expertise in print production, particularly when it comes to the manufacture of high-quality magazines. An outstanding project was produced as a result of our recent partnership with Chaarmz Magazine: an 80-page self-cover perfect-bound magazine that captures the spirit of urban and opulent living.

Chaarmz Magazine

Charrmz Magazine shines with urban style, enticing its readers with culture, fashion, art, and more. Their print version is just as committed to quality as their web version. This relationship shows off both the magazine's spirit and the printing skills of Markham Litho. We are committed to putting ideas into print and making each page of Chaarmz Magazine a true work of art that reflects urban life.

Printing Chaarmz Magazine

The printing of the magazine featured an excellent blend of accuracy and originality. We utilized cutting-edge digital printing technology to ensure that each word and picture came out crisp and clear. The magazine was given a touch of classic elegance by the offset printing process, which contributed to the publication's sophisticated appearance. The dedication to excellence at Markham Litho went beyond printing. The magazine's durability and professional presentation were secured with the binding method used in the perfect bound finish. We used state-of-the-art colour printing to highlight the depth of Chaarmz's content.

More than just a printing firm, Markham Litho is your creative collaborator, committed to transforming your ideas into physical works of art. We are prepared to bring your ideas to life, whether you're planning an 80-page, self-cover perfect bound magazine like Chaarmz or any other print project. Our Scarborough-based team, which has a reputation for excellence dating back to 1972, combines cutting-edge technology with a passion for accuracy to ensure that each print accurately represents your brand and message. We provide a full range of services that are suited to your needs, ranging from Litho Print and Digital Print to Large Format Print. Get in touch with us for a tailored consultation, ask for a quote, or start your next printing project using one of our online forms.

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Get Professional Results with Saddle Stitch Booklets from Markham Litho Printing

Posted on 6 February 2023
Get Professional Results with Saddle Stitch Booklets from Markham Litho Printing


If you’re looking for a high-quality binding option that won’t break the bank, look no further than saddle stitch booklets from Markham Litho Printing. Our new FKS Duplo System 5000 saddle stitcher machine provides an efficient and cost-effective way to bind books of various sizes. Whether you are looking to produce product manuals, newsletters, product guides, or any other booklet projects, let’s take a closer look at why saddle stitching is the perfect option for your next project.



What Is Saddle Stitching?


Saddle stitching is a type of binding method where pages are folded in half and then stapled together along the spine. Saddle Stitching is one of the most popular binding methods for magazines and other publications due to its affordability and durability when compared to other types of binding options.


Benefits of Saddle Stitching 


There are many benefits to choosing saddle stitching for your project. In addition to being cost-effective, it creates a secure yet flexible binding that will stand up to years of use without falling apart or becoming loose. Additionally, saddle stitching results in less bulk compared to other binding techniques, making it perfect for products that need to be shipped or stored in tight spaces. Finally, this type of binding requires minimal setup time and can be done quickly on our FKS Duplo System 5000 machine, allowing you to get your product out faster than ever before.


What Books are best for Saddle Stitching 


Our saddle stitching options make it easy to create a range of attractive and professional products. Small-format publications such as new product catalogs, newsletters, product guides, church bulletins, event guides, programs, employee handbooks, instruction manuals, sales packages, promotional brochures, and business magazines up to 8.5 x 11 inches can be brought to life with our high-quality binding method. Not only does this technique look great - durability scores highly too; perfect for annual reports or instruction manuals that need some extra staying power.  Take a look at the examples below for inspiration on booklets we can produce for you. 




The Advantages of Saddle Stitching with Markham Litho Printing


At Markham Litho Printing, we only use the highest quality materials and our new FKS Duplo System 5000 saddle stitcher machine ensures professional results every time. We offer a wide selection of paper stocks so that you can find the perfect material for your project and our experienced staff will help guide you through the design process to ensure your project looks exactly how you envision it. Plus, we offer fast turnarounds so you can get your project completed quickly without sacrificing quality.


At Markham Litho Printing, we understand how important it is to have a high-quality finished product with cost-effective production costs. That’s why we offer professional saddle stitching services using our FKS Duplo System 5000 machine. Whether you need magazines printed or newsletters, our experienced team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your product meets your highest expectations at an affordable price point. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help bring your vision to life!

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Markham Litho/ Candz Print Large Format Print Project for CP Rail

Posted on 1 November 2022
Markham Litho/ Candz Print Large Format Print Project for CP Rail


The team at Markham Litho/Candz Print Inc. is proud to announce our latest project - large format printing of vinyl graphics and die-cut unique shapes for CP Rail in Scarborough. These new label identifiers will help keep the CP Rail gas silos running smoothly and efficiently. 

We’re always happy to help our clients with custom print projects. This project is an excellent example of our extensive large format printing capabilities. We were able to print vinyl graphics and die-cut special shapes to create these unique labels for the CP Rail gas silos. The installation process was quick and easy, and we're confident that these new labels will help distinguish between the diesel tank versus the gas tank. These labels are crucial to ensure that CP is able to identify between the various silos. 

Take a look at the project gallery below: 

Markham Litho / Candz Print CP Rail Project

Markham Litho / Candz Print CP Rail Print Project

Markham Litho / Candz Print CP Rail Print Project

Markham Litho / Candz Print CP Rail Project

Markham Litho / Candz Print CP Rail Print Project

Markham Litho / Candz Print CP Rail Print Project

If you need large format vinyl graphics for exterior signage or to differentiate your products give us a call at (416) 948-4748.

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Markham Litho / Candz Print expands with the acquisition of Stacey’s Graphics

Posted on 14 October 2022
Markham Litho / Candz Print expands with the acquisition of Stacey’s Graphics

Markham Litho / Candz Print is excited to announce the acquisition of GTA-based Stacey’s Graphics. This expansion will provide a wider array of print products and services to our valued customers.

The Stacey's Graphics team has been serving the GTA for over 40 years and we are thrilled to have them on board. With this expansion, we are able to better serve our customers and support our growth strategy within the rapidly changing print industry. 


About Markham Litho / Candz Print

Markham Litho / Candz Print has been servicing businesses in Durham and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for over 40 years. We are a customer-focused organization that is dedicated to providing high-quality print products and services at competitive prices to meet your business printing needs. We offer a wide range of printing services such as digital printing, litho printing, offset printing, large format printing, custom packaging, and much more. We also carry a wide variety of paper stocks and finishing options to choose from. 


About Stacey’s Graphics

Stacey’s Graphics opened in April 1982 to service car dealerships and body shops in the GTA. They provided pinstripes, body side mouldings, door edge guards, and wheel well mouldings. Stacey's Graphics then progressed to vehicle graphics and lettering, courtesy vehicles, and parts trucks. Windshield lettering and vehicle side lettering, such as "DEMO".  They continued to grow and expand to provide company lettering for organizations above and beyond car dealerships. Adding banners, sandwich boards, magnets, and various backing sign boards to services provided. Stacey's Graphics also provided installation services from Burlington to Barrie, to Cobourg and shipped orders throughout southern Ontario. 


We are excited to announce the expansion of our company with the acquisition of Stacey’s Graphics. This expansion will provide a wider array of print products and services to our valued customers. 



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